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365 works by barry sutton

Presale Mint Date: April 6th, 2022, 3:00pm EDT.

Public Mint Date: April 7th, 2022, 3:00pm EDT.

Mint Price: 0.18 ETH.

“A sweeping portrait
of the city like you've
never seen it.”

365 images from the streets of NYC above and below.

More than a documentary record of New York City, nyc365 is a fantastical view of the beauty, contrast, grit, glow and rhythm of the city, full of surrealism, abstraction, impressionism, cubism and realism- all the major art movements seem to be represented by one photographer in one grand collection of photography of this magnificent city.

Project Details.

Artist: Barry Sutton
365 Works, 1/1
Randomized Mint, 0.18 ETH

Categories. Year, Streets, Subway, Protests, Pandemic, Snowstorms, Sunsets, Bikes, Beach, Shadows, Torn, Landmarks, Camera/Lens Info.

Rare content. 5 slow-motion, reverse-motion and time-lapse videos, 2 ultra-rare collages and 1 unique diptych.

Free airdrop. Holders of 96° in the Shade, Paris in the Summer or The COVID Diaries will receive a random piece from the collection on April 6.

Photo of steamy sidewalk
Photo of steamy sidewalk

The Artist.

Barry Sutton jumped into the NFT space with a splash. His genesis collection 96° in the Shade has achieved a sort of cult status among collectors and has been a fixture on the top 20 all-time list of NFT photography projects. A founding member of the Raw DAO and Untitled DAO, Barry has just launched his own incubator, 96 Studio, bringing artists with significant bodies of work to the blockchain.

The Photographs.

A man in a black cap stares at a larger than life portrait that appears to be him as an older man; a building emerges from the cobblestones while the pedestrians march upside down below the surface like a scene from a Murakami novel; six hands grasp a subway pole; two bodiless feet emerge from a cloud of steam while one enters the unknown; four striped legs join the stripes of the crosswalk; suggestions of a conspiracy scrawled on a construction wall, two young boys in Harlem immaculately dressed marching to school.

nyc365 is a song with many verses, the story of a city of contrasting elements, whose movements are like an orchestra of more than 8 million, that in its randomness, performs with such purpose, rhythm and harmony, must be guided by a divine force.

  • All material © 2022 Barry Sutton, 96 Studio